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TAB Photographic, for Photography that rocks! Quite honestly, from being a wedding photographer to portrait photographer to dog portraits and other pet portraits, I want to give you pieces of art that will rock! Wedding images / photos that you would look at and just think, that should be on the cover a magazine... Pet portraits that just pull you in, and child portraits that make you laugh, smile or maybe even tear up... That's what being a photographer in Ct. is all about. Based out of Connecticut in southern New England but shooting across the country. Not to mention being only 2 hours from Boston and NYC. It all means I'm easily at your disposal!!!

SO as your Wedding Photographer in Ct. Based out of Hartford with a studio as well as in the great town of Collinsville Ct. And specializing in Children portrait photography, maternity & newborn photography and pet portrait photography. I just enjoy working with each individual soul - for any of your portrait or wedding photography needs in Ct. or across the country think TAB! From Pet Portraits to Children Portraits to weddings I am your Photographer in Ct. And you can also view my blog at which generally has more wedding photographer work from TAB Photographic. Just know that for your Ct. wedding photographers, TAB is here. Your Photographer in Ct.

The links above will take you to the appropriate links, so wether you're looking for a Ct. Portrait Photographer , Pet Portrait Photographer or a wedding Photographer,
the links above will take you to those sites. If you are still reading, that's fine as well. A little more about myself... I grew up with a father who was a very accomplished photographer. So many folks will ask, I have been looking through all of the photographers in Ct. and some
will say they went to this school or that school and I would like to know what school you attended... And well, I could always just say the school of hard knocks... In reality, it was quite different, I witnessed a man who made his passion of photography his career. So my answer, I grew up with my father. He started out as one of many portrait photographers in Ct.. He then went onto to be one of the top wedding photographers in Ct. and from there
one of the top commercial photographers in Ct. He enjoyed his life, he traveled, he was quite a serious fly fisherman and while he wasn't doing those things or shooting, he was using his gourmet cooking talents beyong anyones imagination. He was an artist of many talents...
That's where I guess I now come in, I love taking pictures - the art of photography. Capturing those moments, from working with dogs and cats as a pet portrait photographer here in Ct. to being a nationally acclaimed destination wedding photographer to grabbing those elusive shots of your child as the individual soul they are becoming.
Most of all, just know that TAB photographic is here for all of your photographic needs with out any of the stress.


TAB Photographic
P.O. Box 426
Collinsville, Ct. 06022

all images and text copyright of Tim Brown / TAB Photographic

Since this is the first page that will be viewed, and there are many things I won't say with in the website and maybe there are others who won't go to my blog. So I have something else to say about a wedding and portrait photographer. Living in Ct. there
is a very large population here in Ct. even Ma. and RI... What that leads to is something that came up with another Connecticut wedding that I recently was going to shoot. And I go into this just so brides looking into my work understand a bit more. That being
wedding photographer here in Ct. is what I love to do. I love it because I feel that the wedding photography, your wedding photography, is one of the most important things in your wedding day. And as a wedding photographer I want to provide those things for you.
This comes up because I have a bride that is now using TAB Photographer as their photographer. But this was a toss up for them because a relative who enjoys photography was going to shoot their wedding. My question that I want couples to think about, and not
just couples that take TAB Photographic as their wedding photographer, but all couples. The question is if you want to put all of your memories into the hands of a friend or family member. Not that they are not good photographers. But after your big day is over,
there are only a few things you will have to remind you of how great your day was... The dress, the ring and your partner. You may have spent thousands on the location, the food, the transportation and so much more... Is cutting the photography budget short worth
losing all those memories??? I just want to make sure that the memories are not lost or thoughts about a "wish I had done something different" about your day. Just know that if you're looking for a wedding photographer in Ct. Ma. RI. or the rest of New England, even
if TAB Photographic isn't the right choice for you, feel free to talk to us and we'll send you in the right direction.

As for being a portrait photographer, the above issue isn't quite the same. However, portrait photography is just as important in all of our lives. And if you're looking for that portrait photographer in Ct. or southern New England. For yourself, your children or even
your pets. TAB Photographic is here. We enjoy being a portrait photographer just as much as a wedding photographer because it's about you. Capturing the moment and real soul. That's what makes a portrait and that's what makes us a great choice for all of your Ct.
portrait photographer needs.

Canton, Simsbury, Farmington, Avon, Litchfield, Hartford, Essex, Chester, Mass. CT. RI. VT. NH. ME. NY. PA. NJ. New Jersey Connecticut Massachusettes, Rhode Island Maine Vermont New Hampshire Penn. New York and more. So what ever happens, when ever you need a photographer
for weddings portraits or pet portraits, any picture needs. TAB Photographic is here for your wedding and portrait photographer needs.

TAB Photographic also has a blog, the link isn't here but it is in both sites, you can sign up for the release of every new blog once in the site. Many times the blog will revolve around photo work, from portrait sessions, pet portraits weddings and more. Not to mention
phtographers. Sometimes me, sometimes other. From photographers through out the country, from California - CA. to Maine - ME... All of New England. Ct. Ma. RI. VT. NH. All the states. At times the blog will go into portrait sessions and how much life exists
with in each soul, or pet portraits where the furry one won't sit still for an instant yet the shots still create magic. it's all part of being a photographer, and there are so many of us out there. So many great photographers. So maybe the photographer site you're about
to click into will hold some great thoughts, memories or more. Maybe the photographer you're looking for is me, or maybe you'll head to my blog and read something about other photographers that peak your interest. Just know that where ever you are in the country,
Maine - ME. New Hampshire NH Rhode Island RI Mass. MA. Vermont VT Connecticut CT or New York NY or west. Out of all the photographers for your portrait, wedding pet portrait or other photography needs. TAB Photographic may just be the photographer to
capture it all.

weding photographer, wedding photgrapher, photpgrapher, photograper, phtographer, wdding, weddin,
I have gone into the wedding photographer thing quite a bit in my life. I love what I do, that's all.
Being a wedding photographer in Connecticut, Mass. Rhode Island, New York and more is a wonderful thing. To be able to capture
so many great days and let everyone relive the memories... But the other day, I did something I love just as much. A fun portrait session.
I think being a portrait photographer is probably the only thing close to being a wedding photographer. In this portrait session, I as the photographer
get to capture the real soul in people. TO give them a portrait like no other. This in perticular portrait session was
just like that. THe thing that made it even better was the clients fear of the camera. Not wanting the portrait
taken. But that's where being a photographer, a true photographer really shines through. With the ability to capture
the individual in each portrain in a way that they didn't think possible. Well, it is possible and I believe I am able to
prove that to all of my wedding and portrait clients. What do you think? Maybe you want to set up a time for a portrait
photographer session? With me, Tim Brown and TAB Photographic? What do you think, give us a chance to become the portrait and wedding
photographer you will recommend through all of New England. Yes, All of new england. That's what being a photographer is all about!
There are so many things that you as a bride must deal with, from banquet hall, facility, rings, flowers, garters, location, limos, transportration
and more, all in Ct. Rhode Island and more. From Hartford to Litchfield and back to Hartford. It can get crazy! So if you're anywhere in Ct. Close to Hartford or not, maybe you're
in litchfield, new haven, New london, maybe you're in new york. Close to hartford or not we're here. We can be your wedding photographer. Maybe for now you just want a portrait photographer
for you, for your pet or your child. I can be that portrait photographer too! From child portrait to pet portrait to wedding portrait. Heck, I even do self portraits. Just know that I am here.

First off, you've found the general "splash page" for TAB Photographic. The page which will lead you to the magic you were looking and hoping for. From maternity photography and newborn photography to your wedding photograhy needs. And to top it off, maybe your child or family portraits all the way to, you guessed it, dog and pet portraits. Each site above, created individually for your needs and what TAB Photographic Specializes in.

Our goal with TAB Photographic is not to just be one of the top Ct. NYC and Boston Wedding Photographers but for our wedding clients to become friends and to be here for them with all of their photographic needs down the road. The new goal of TAB Photographic is to take all of it's styles up a notch. Making each wedding that much more individual, creating images that capture the day with that much more style and artistic flair. Creating our dog portrait photography sessions with the final goal being pieces of art that also capture the soul of each individual pup. With our family portraits, well, we want to become part of the family. Just being honest. haha. To capture maternity photos that capture the essence of you. And from there your newborn session and being with you to capture the family as it grows.

So while I have a mastermind plan to take over NYC, NY... Ct.... And the rest of New England. ( shhh, it's a secret ) Maybe photography is just a front to my plan. Or better yet, maybe photography is my superhero power. haha.

The real life of TAB owner and lead photographer. Tim. <--- that's me. I live a full life. I believe that each and every one of us can have what we dream for. It just takes work and effort. My life used to consist of racing mountain bikes all around the country. Still an avid cyclist and racing when I can, I spread my love of life further. Some hikes, some tennis, some golf. And if there's a live music show I can get to, BRING IT ON! All I can say is that we have one shot at this thing called life and we need to make the most of each day and moment.

My goal in life, now that I've reached and will continue to build on the current one of being a full time photographer, is to use my photographic abilities to bring beauty into the lives of others. I don't just mean photos of them. I mean with my travels. With my style... Self induced projects to capture the fine art side of my ability. And to dig into this country piece by piece with my camera.

Outside of that, I will continue to help my children grow into the individuals they shall. I will continue to teach them that they can reach for their dreams and make them reality and I will tell anytone else that will listen the same thing. But lets face it. Not many people listen to me. haha.....

So there you have it. TAB Photographic in a nutshell. Reaching out to be not only one of the top CT. NYC and New England wedding photographers, but to create images and memories that will mean more than the world to each and every client.

As I always say.........

Shine on!National Wedding Photographers through Ct. New York, Florida, Indiana, New England, Rhode Island and more. WWW.NATIONALWEDDINGPHOTOGRAPHERS.COM
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